How are you


I saw your profile at wed Search Results and i really love to know you if you wish, am looking a long term relationship if it should go in that direction, like most times i do ask my self this :- Obviously you are going to chose a partner that you are physically attracted to. Apart from that aspect, there are a few important areas you should look at. Do they speak very slowly compared to you?

Do they understand you when you speak? Can you really talk to them about absolutely anything?. When you’re ready to make that full commitment, you’re sometimes left with questions and a nagging sense of self-doubt. Is this the one? Am I making the right choice? Does my potential partner feel the same way? In this guide i hope u attempt to answer these questions and more. The best way to make sure a relationship succeeds is to make sure it’s the right one from the start!. Hope am not too hard? well i hope to hear from you again bye for now. I here by paste one of my pix, Am 28 years old and also from the States (USA), female that is all i have to give now till u reply i will give more. You can send me email so we get to know each other.


Who are you ? Not your name. I mean who you are.

about comparison between people.

I stay at home for one and a half years now. Nothing done still. Ony guy in same village is a teacher now, (Qi Miao), My father, again, said I am useless, I can not move bed, I do not have strong power, I can not make money, He forget what I said. and what he said.

But never mind. (this is a fail ad, I hate this, I want to leave). I write two sentences on my vimwiki to notice myself, I know it do not have much usage. But I still want to do this. just satisfy myself.

The comparison between people is really really fucking stupid. They think: They are more rich than me. They are stronger than me. They are smarter than me. They work harder than me.

I you always compare yourself with others. It means your shit small heart. You do not believe yourself. You want to prove yourself through the comparison.

Really funny.